With your permission, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and what I have to offer in ways of my listing program. My name is Jeff Paxson, and I am the owner of the Jeff Paxson Real Estate. We have a tremendous fee-for-service structure which allows families to be competitive in this market, keeping their expenses down, and allowing for more equity in their pockets or accepting a lower selling price and still net out the same bottom line as a company charging 5%, 6%, 7%, or higher in real estate commissions.

In addition to an incredible commission structure, we will also “profile” your home to make certain it is ready for the competitive housing market. “Staging” your home has become paramount in the successful marketing of your home. Having someone look at your property, strictly from the perspective of preparing the house for the open market, gives homeowners great advantage over homes which have not used this service. From talking about the curb appeal as buyers approach your family’s home, to looking at your property’s cleanliness and organization, our TEAM will work with you on preparing your home for the market. It could simply mean clearing the clutter off of the kitchen counter to changing the color of a room, when we “stage” we are using time-tested and proven methods. Our fee-for-service is never more than 4.5% of your sales price, with us paying the buyer’s representation 3%, leaving 1.5% for our efforts. Our program includes all REALTOR® costs which are only collected upon successful sale and close on your property. We have become the top real estate company in Central Indiana because we kept our system simple, produced a huge volume (averaging a closing every 31 hours), and delivered on our promise to best market your home using the most effective advertising methods in the industry. And of course, satisfied clients referring friends and family to us has been instrumental to our success. Saving thousands of dollars is worth a telephone call, wouldn’t you agree? 

To be successful as a seller, you must be serious, positioning yourself with an experienced real estate agent, properly pricing your home while “staging” your house to have it stand out from others in your price range, and using a competitive fee-for-service structure to allow your “net” proceeds to be maximized are the right steps to move toward a successful sale and close.

Is your family serious about selling their home? If so, give us a call at (317) 679-2121 and set up a time for the Jeff Paxson Team to meet, with no obligation, and discuss the goal of selling your current home, and if you would like, have a conversation about buying your new home.


Jeff Paxson